Mangalsutra Ceremony Shot

Wedding photography

Wedding photographer becomes much more tough and changeable. The variety in customs and conventions from one wedding to an additional paves way for a necessitate to get familiar with commonalities of Indian Weddings, so can’t miss the vital events. A quick meeting earlier will assist to set the outlook, plan shots with the couple & get them in the comfort zone to be clicked by you. This would create it straightforward on the D-day & you will be certain not to miss that vital moment!

Wedding Rituals

Barat: The groom is get up in best clothes and brought in a parade with the heavily decorated wedding location. This parade could be on a horse, elephant or in a trusted four wheeler. The groom’s family would be associated to the parade and in the majority barat’s you can expect folks dancing to a live band along with the march on the move.
Mehndi: The process of getting set up for the wedding starts with painting the Bride’s hands and feet with an elaborate artwork of henna.
Sangeet: An evening of music and entertainment for the close circle of family and friends. It can differ from a customary night out to a wild party.
VarMala: The Bride and groom exchange colorful garlands of flowers on a small but decorated stage called Mandap’s.
Pheras: The Bride and Groom exchange vows in front of the holy fire and go around the fire holding hands seven times.
Mangal-Sutra: The Groom ties a Golden Locket/Thread around the Bride’s neck as a mark of them getting married. The Mangal Sutra is the Indian equivalent of a ring in most cases.

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Kanya Daan

A ceremony where the Bride’s family officially hands over their daughter to the Groom’s family. It’s a figurative ceremony which involves the first family. Bidaai: A symbolic ritual these days where the Bride leaves her parents and joins her husband in the journey to his house. An emotional occasion; where the Bride and her family generally break down into tears.

Kids & family portrait

In today’s trend, we take portrait images of new born kids along with the family members, we have new born baby props. We also take portrait images in all occasion so that you don’t miss any event and his beautiful memories. Ironically, you have to be careful with Family’s pictures and especially with kids in Indian weddings. Plan well ahead with the couple on family group pictures and take a help of a family member. Else, you would end up shooting groups of photographs. Also, it may be sensible to propose a normal photographer to those who might hit upon, while you stay exclusive for the special moments

Happily posing in between wedding rituals

Candid wedding photography

It is about capturing imagery, with an art of storytelling while being creative and impulsive. Candid photography believes in capturing golden images of family, friends, relationship and beauty of ceremonies as a celebration to life that may be taken in an instance. Candid wedding photography includes two major styles of capturing weddings. First being the traditional photography and second being the contemporary fashion.

Romantic couple portrait

Cinematic wedding film

A Cinematic Wedding is a storytelling film. Whether the storyteller tells your story from beginning to end images or the mix of speeches, images, and music. Your entire long wedding occasion will be told in 5 minutes video film that can be shared in all social media. They are theoretical to shoot with an objective in mind, to let know a great story from start to end. They are supposed to make an intro, a climax, and then a resolution just like any movie you see. The film is shot very differently where the Cinematographer will extra than probable shoot in short clips.

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Traditional Reception Photography

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